this is frozenAntilope.de.
my private, yet public space in "the internet".

who I am
jan heugel
born '84 / living in munich
photographer / all-year-cyclist / lego enthusiast

what I am
organized, perfectionist, architecture-addicted

what I don't like
working under harsh pressure/up to the last second


The less the shifting system works, the more it is still winter *go away*

relaunch twenty-thirteen

Hello 2013!

The new year already has some days on the calendar, so since I did not really care for my website the last two years I decided to give it a relaunch.

I’m sill not totally clear what to post or blog about, there are nevertheless some ideas in the oven. We’ll see how it developes. Also I’m not sure if I want to keep this blog/site in German or totally switch to English. It might end up as a mixture of both I guess.

So January will be dedicated to setting up the wordpress theme, playing around with the design and integrating the old content.

Be sure to visit from time to time.